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Add Annotation to your Pictures


Add Annotation to your Pictures

Although the picture speaks a thousand words, sometimes it is necessary that the picture has relevant text to convey better information. If you are looking to annotate your image files, you can check out the freeware tool iPhotoDraw. This free app can add annotation to your image files easily and offers additional features text formatting, font size, font family etc. You can create and add text in various forms. The main feature of iPhotoDraw is that when you save the file, the original image is not altered, only the new changes are saved in another file.

iPhoto Draw

With iPhotoDraw, you can add description text, callout boxes (balloons), dimensions, detailed images, and other annotation objects to the pictures. The program saves all your annotations to an XML file and overlays them onto the image without actually changing your original. When you export the image, you create a new copy of the file with all the changes you have made.

iPhotoDraw is a pretty helpful tool to quickly annotate image files, but is has only basic features and if you want to add multiple annotations, then not very easy task. What makes this app useful is the variety of options allow you to customize font, colors, arrows styles and other object properties.

iPhotoDraw supports most common image formats including JPG, PNG, TIFF and BMP.

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