Facebook is now the most popular social networking platform and its popularity is increasing day by day. If you are using a PC which is shared by multiple persons or having multiple Facebook accounts or want to use Facebook for your family members, then you need to log in and log out each time. Quick Login for Facebook is an useful extension for Google Chrome which is a single click Sign-in Assistant to quickly access your Facebook account. You can store multiple Facebook account logins and switch between the accounts easily.

Once you have installed the extension, you need to specify the login credentials and save the details.

FB Quick Login

You can specify upto 5 Facebook account details and save it. All the information provided here will be stored in your local computer. The passwords are stored encrypted using advanced encryption methods and accessible only by the extension.

Quick Facebook login

Using the extension button on the toolbar, you can quickly switch to other Facebook accounts easily.

You can check this video to see the extension in action;

This extension is a password manager, Login Helper, explicitly for your Facebook  accounts.

Download Quick Login for Facebook