There are many notebooks and netbook which come without the CD/DVD burner. In such cases you cannot burn a CD or DVD and need to attach an external burner. But in case you are connected to a network and burner is available on other computers on the network, then you can use the burner available on networked PC using Net Burner. It is a freeware app for Windows which lets you “share” a CD/DVD/BD burner over the network and remotely make a CD/DVD/BD recordable device available for use by other networked computers.

Net Burner

Its user-friendly wizards will help you to mount (or remove) a remote optical drive in only a few clicks. You can access the mounted drives no differently than your local devices.

This utility is also useful for small office which have few PCs connected to a network. In such cases you need not install DVD drives on all PCs, just have the drive on one PC and share it using Net Burner.

Paragon Net Burner supports a wide variety of burning software and hardware. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista and Windows 7, so you can use Windows’ built-in burning software.

Paragon Net Burner is a great solution for notebook users who have no optical drive onboard (subnotebooks, netbooks, ultraportable laptops).

Download Paragon Net Burner