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Read QR Codes from Browser using QRreader [Extension]


Read QR Codes from Browser using QRreader [Extension]

QR Codes are the new way to share links and other data and most of the mobile phones have apps to read QR codes. But there might be many instances where you want to read the QR codes directly from the browser instead of using it on mobile phone. QRreader is a nice extension for Google Chrome which can easily read QR codes directly from the web browser (Chrome) and fetch the data inside the code without having to use a mobile phone.


You can right click on any QR Code and then use the context menu in Chrome to read the QR code. There is an option “Read QR Code from image” in the context menu. If the QR code has an URL, the extension opens the URL directly. If the QR code has some text or phone number or any other data, it displays it in the pop up and it can copy it to clipboard as well.

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The extension is still in beta and more feature like creating a QR code is also expected.

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