We have covered a new feature in Windows 8 personalization gallery which allows users to set the aero color based on the wallpaper of the theme rather than one color for the complete theme. This is pretty useful one if the theme has large number of wallpapers rotating. This feature is not available in Windows 7  by default, but you can get the same using Aero Adjuster, a freeware tool to get aero color based on wallpaper.

Aero Adjuster

The app is portable and sits in the system tray. You can select the option “Fit Aero color to wallpaper color” and the app will check for the colors available in wallpaper and then set the aero color for Windows 7 to match with the wallpaper.

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The app is compatible only with Windows 7 and although aero is available in Vista, the app does not work well.

You can always restore the aero color back to the preset one using the option.

Download Aero Adjuster