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Set Aero Color in Windows 7 to match Wallpaper with AeroWallpaperChanger

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Set Aero Color in Windows 7 to match Wallpaper with AeroWallpaperChanger

We have covered many automatic wallpaper changer for Windows 7 which can change the wallpapers at the preset time. AeroWallpaperChanger is another freeware tool for Windows 7 which allows you to automatically change the wallpapers at fixed time, apart from this, it can also set the Windows 7 aero color to match the wallpaper color. For example, if you have a greenery wallpaper, then this tool can change the aero color to green across all open windows.

Aero Wallpaper Changer

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You can add multiple images to the application and set the interval for changing the wallpaper. For setting the Aero color, select the Other settings tab and then check the box against Change Aero Color. The application also comes with hotkeys to change the wallpaper.

Aero Wallpaper Changer_1

This tool comes with some nice features like;

  • Change wallpaper on timer
  • Change wallpaper on application’s start
  • Change wallpaper by global hotkey
  • Autostart after users logon
  • Disable slideshow when on battery

AeroWallpaperChanger is a neat tool to set your aero color in Windows 7 to match the wallpaper color.

Download AeroWallpaperChanger | Author’s Site (Russian)

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