There are many window and controls from where you cannot copy text, for eg Edit, Static, Groupbox – Controls, etc. You also cannot copy text from browser titles. GetWindowText is a simple freeware and portable tool for Windows which can read text from such controls and it extract them into the UI so that you can copy it. This program supports also directory trees (SysTreeView32) and list views (SysListView32) to read the entire contents, so that you don’t have to type it manually.


By clicking the left mouse button on the button with GetWindowText icon and by holding down the left mouse button (drag), the read can be started. Then simply hold your mouse over the window from which the text should be read.

It can be read almost all the texts, e.g. from Edit, Static, Groupbox – Controls, etc.

It supports both x64 and x32 Windows OS.

Download GetWindow Text