Spell check is one of the most important aspects of typing and the most popular Word 2010 provides you with spell check and also option to correct them. Spell check is also available in modern browsers and we had covered Speckie for IE9 which does spell check. ezAutoCorrect  is a nice extension for Google Chrome which is an useful for its spell check and auto correction feature. It not only checks for spelling mistakes, but corrects them for most of the commonly used words. The most common mistake is using “teh” for “the” and so on.

Auto correct for Gmail

Some of the other substitutions included are;

  • i –> I
  • im –> I’m
  • ur –> you are
  • dont –> don’t
  • doesnt –> doesn’t

and about 700 more of these common typos.

The corrections are currently hard coded and may be in future versions we can see more changes.

Update (28th September 2011): A new version of ezAutoCorrect for Gmail has been released. You can now define your own word substitutions. This also allows it to be used for any language.

Download ezAutoCorrect