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WiFi Connection and Diagnostic Tool for Windows – TekWiFi


WiFi Connection and Diagnostic Tool for Windows – TekWiFi

TekWiFi  is a freeware tool for Windows which lets you monitor and diagnose Wi Fi connections available. TekWiFi simplifies connection to the wireless network which has authentication implemented. The application is portable and does not require any installation. The moment you run the tool, it populates the list of all the Wi Fi networks available. You can perform diagnostics on the available networks using this tool.


You need to enter Key for the wireless network or configure parameters for PEAP authentication. Click Diagnose for diagnostic functions.



  • Lists available wireless networks.
  • Displays details for the connected wireless network; IP address assigned, default gateway and DNS servers.
  • Provides auto provisioning for PEAP authentication on client side.
  • Automatically detects if Hotspot login required.
  • Diagnoses connection problems by pinging, DNS servers, default gateway, hotspot and ISP homepage. Diagnostic results can be saved to a text file.
  • All parameters can be configured through management GUI.

The app is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2003-2008 Server.

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