Although Facebook has an option where it shows the birthdays of your friends happening each day, you might miss out those notifications. HappyBirthday is an extension for Google Chrome which automatically sends a birthday wish to your Facebook friends on their birthday. It retrieves the data from your Facebook account and based on the message you set, it is sends out on their birthday. It shows the birthday notification counter on the Chrome bar.

birthday wish option

You can customize the message from the options available for the extension. HappyBirthday automatically sends your wishes from a preset list and writes out the phrase on your friend’s Wall (if the Wall’s not blocked). It shows a taskbar notification on how many wishes have been sent.


You can open the account of the person whom the birthday wish was sent to see it in action.

Wish Send

Since all the process is automatic, you don’t have to remember all the birthdays of your Facebook friends.

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