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Manage Services in Windows 7 with Turbo Service Manager


Manage Services in Windows 7 with Turbo Service Manager

We have covered many free tools to manage services in Windows, like Windows Service Master, Service Manager Plus etc. Turbo Service Manager is yet another freeware tool to manage services in Windows 7. TSM is an advanced tool and comes with lot of features. The app is portable and is supported on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Please do not try this tool if you do not know about Windows services, as it is an advanced tool and might mess up your Windows if not handled properly.

Turbo Service manager

Features of TSM;

  • Save/Load state in XML.
  • Enable/Disable/Startup/Manual/Stop/Pause/Resume in multiple selected services at once with one key press.
  • Group by State or by Startup type.
  • Shows parent and child services.
  • Win32/Kernel services.
  • Test load, tells you changes that would have been applied if you load a state.
  • Selects all services depending on a service or vice versa.
  • Available for x86 and x64.
  • Vista aware, doesn’t run without administrator priviledges.
  • Runs under Windows 7.
  • Automatic updates.

The interface is pretty neat and comes with buttons to handle tasks. It lists out all the services and you can start/stop/ disable/pause and even uninstall them. It can also export settings which is pretty handy when you have just re-installed Windows.

Download Turbo Service Manager [Via]

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