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Create Password Protected PDF Files with Doro PDF


Create Password Protected PDF Files with Doro PDF

There are many printer based apps which allows you to create PDF files documents and webpages. Doro PDF is a nice freeware tool for Windows which lets you create PDF files from documents and webpages using the print option. It acts as a virtual printer and creates password protected PDF files. With Doro PDF Writer you can make PDF files from any file that can be printed; images and text documents are the type of data the app has been designed for.

Doro PDF

The configuration panel is very easy to use and consists of two tabs, one for general options and one reserved for imposing security measures.  Under the encryption settings, you can use a password to limit the access to PDF by specifying a password. You can also allow “copy and paste” as well as printing for the PDFs created. Doro PDF Writer uses 128-bit encryption to protect the document.

To create any PDF file, use the default print option and select Doro PDF from the printer list.

Create PDF

In the general settings, you can specify the title, author, subject etc for the PDF file.

Doro PDF is a nice and simple way to create password protected PDF files.


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