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Outlook Attachment Reminder for Forgotten Attachments

Microsoft Office

Outlook Attachment Reminder for Forgotten Attachments

Many times we type the email in Outlook 2010 saying that file is attached with the email, but often we forget attaching the file causing an embarrassment. We have covered tools like Outlook Attachment Reminder, Outlook Essentials and Never Forget Attachments. Here is another freeware tool CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder which is an easy to use Microsoft Outlook add-in which will prompt you to attach files to your email if it seems you have forgotten to do it.

Outlook Attachment Reminder

The program quickly scans your message right after you click the send button and checks it for predefined keywords that trigger an alert. You can select/add/remove the list of trigger words, although the app comes with predefined words.

Add new Word

Once you have set the words, if you try sending an email without an attachment, but with one of the words in the list, then the tool prompts a warning and allows you to attach the file.


The program options can be accessed from the Home tab in Outlook 2010.


  • Alert messages – the program informs you to attach files if it looks like you wanted to do it but didn’t.
  • List of phrases that trigger the reminder included in the default version. You can start using the program right after installing it. There is no need to setup anything – it’s an install-and-forget application.
  • Customizable keywords’ list. You can easily edit existing keywords or add your own ones to adjust the program to your requirements.
  • Message history / quoted text exclusion. This feature ensures you that only your own message is scanned by the program. So if you compose a reply, the program will not search for user-defined keywords in the history of the message but only in your new text.
  • Option to scan email body and/or subject. You can decide if the program scans your email body, subject or both.

Outlook Attachment Reminder is a nice add-in which reminds you of forgotten attachments.


Download Outlook Attachment Reminder

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  1. Dave

    September 4, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Doesn’t seem to work with Outlook on a Mac.

  2. Steph

    March 21, 2013 at 2:15 am

    Agreed – would love to find an add-on that provides the same functionality in Outlook for Mac!

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