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Super Start is an Useful Speed Dial Add-on for Firefox


Super Start is an Useful Speed Dial Add-on for Firefox

Speed Dial option in any browser helps you to quickly open most frequently visited websites when you open a new tab on your browser. Super Start is a simple add-on for Firefox which is a speed dial and a visual bookmarks extension. With Super Start you can quickly add your favorite webpages to your start screen and open them quickly. The add-on also has a to do job list where you can add you to do list so that every time you open a new tab, you are reminded of the task.

Super Start

You can either use the add-on page to add a new website to the list or visit the page and add it from the context menu.

Add to Super Start

SuperStart features:

  • A visual bookmarks on your homepage
  • A simple todo-list as well, just reminder you don’t forget to do something (the todo-list can be closed)
  • The bookmarks can be folded, so there could display many links in your homepage


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