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Monitor all Outgoing Emails from your PC with Email Supervisor


Monitor all Outgoing Emails from your PC with Email Supervisor

EmailSupervisor is a freeware tool for Windows which monitors all outgoing emails from your PC and notifies you in case of any unauthorized emails. If any malwares or spywares are installed on your PC by any malicious tool, these might steal your personal information and then transmit them through emails. Email Supervisor protects you from such threats and it also stops emails to unknown recipients or containing potentially unsafe attachments. It works on system level and hence cannot be bypassed.

Email Supervisor

Once installed, it works from the system tray from where you can configure it. You can add rules for recipients, email clients like Outlook 2010, Thunderbird, Eudora etc. You can also specify attachment rules.

Email Rules

EmailSupervisor is insensitive to the type of your email client and its configuration. Upon attempt to send email from your computer EmailSupervisor suspends emailing, determines whether it is a legal email sent by you or a dangerous email sent by virus or spyware and displays a corresponding message.

EmailSupervisor is a nice tool to have to monitor all your outgoing emails from your Windows.


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