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Automatically Clean Obsolete and Temp Files with Aero OneClean


Automatically Clean Obsolete and Temp Files with Aero OneClean

When using Internet, over a period of lots of temp files are created and these might simply waste your hard disk space. Aero OneClean is a simple and yet useful freeware tool to automatically clean your PC from obsolete and temporary files. Aero OneClean will remove those unwanted temporary files that take up your computer hard drive space. The app lists out the various files areas which can be cleaned automatically and save the space.

Aero OneClean

The app allows you to select the folders which you want to clean like temp, log files, recycle bin and other unwanted files. You can also add custom folders to this list using the options. When you add folders, any files in these will be automatically cleaned when you run the app.

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Add Temp Folders

You can also set the app to run in silent mode. When you run the app, it will automatically start the cleaning process without any user intervention.


The app will let you know how many files were removed and how much space was recovered due to this cleaning. Aero OneClean is a nice and useful tool which will keep your PC clean from unwanted files.


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