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Automatically Change Windows 7 Aero Color based on Images

Previously we had covered a free app, AeroWallpaper Changer, which allows you to set the Aero color on Windows 7 based on the wallpaper color. Here is another app, Aero Color Show, which also does the same job, but instead of wallpapers, it picks up color from a selected set of images, one image at a time. You can specify the rotation time for changing the aero color. Aero Color Show does similar job as Windows 8 Auto Aero Colorization feature but instead getting color from wallpaper it takes color from image files – one picture at time.

Aero Color Show

You can specify any folder where you have a bunch of wallpapers or images. The images are listed out on the app screen and then it picks up aero color based on the selected image. You can set the time interval for changing the aero color.

There is also option to shuffle the rotation of images.

Aero Color Show is a simple, freeware and portable tool and it works only with Windows 7.


Download Aero Color Show

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  1. I have just been working on some cool customization tools for Windows 7 and my search for more tools idea brought me here. This tool looks very interesting. I might decide to build a similar function into my Windows 7 theme manager.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. […] Aero is one which which defines the color of open windows and also the taskbar on Windows 7. Aero Color Show and AeroWallpaperChanger are two useful free tools which does this job. AeroBlend is another […]

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