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Protect Confidential Files on Dropbox with Secret Sync


Protect Confidential Files on Dropbox with Secret Sync

Many of us might be using the popular Dropbox to share files and save it online for access. But the files in Dropbox which are available on your PC does not have any protection method as any one who can access your PC can access the Dropbox folder. SecretSync is a useful freeware tool for Windows which adds a client side encryption and protection for Dropbox files. SecretSync is a great way to easily share proprietary, sensitive information using online synchronization.

Secret Sync

The first time you install Secret Sync, you need to create an account with them to get the security token. You can also enter the optional passphrase for added protection. When you install Secret Sync, it creates a new folder on the Windows user folder and this folder is directly linked to the Dropbox folder. All files placed inside the Secret Sync folder will be encrypted before they are copied and synced with Dropbox.

All files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.

encrypted dropbox

Your files are always encrypted when online. This means that before your files leave the computer you physically control, they’re encrypted. They stay encrypted while being synchronized, until they’re back in your physical control.

Dropbox already provides a server side encryption but lack client side encryption and this tool provides it. SecretSync is a nice tool for all Dropbox users on Windows.

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