When you search for anything in Google, you might see that search results sometimes have videos included in it. In case you want to open the videos, you have to either navigate away from the results page or open in new tab. But with PreGBox extension for Google Chrome, you can view the videos in a nice pop up without having to leave the search results page. The extension supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo, ifilm, Yahoo videos, Dailymotion etc.

YouTube preview in search

Once you install the extension, next time you search, you can see a video camera icon next to the videos listed in search. This icon will show up  after about 3 sec beside each video. Click on the icon to see the video in a popup without having to leave the page.

Preview Videos

Currently the supported sources of videos are: YouTube , Vimeo, ifilm, Yahoo videos , Google Videos , Dailymotion , Tagtele, Metacafe, and Veoh. The video icon appears only when you search the Google.com and we couldn’t see it when we checked on Google.co.in.

Download PreGBox Extension