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Uninstall and Remove Browser Toolbars with Multi-Toolbar Remover

There are many toolbars available for web browsers like the one by Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL etc. Although these toolbars help you in browsing, many time they are annoying and also take up huge memory and slow down your PC and browser. Multi Toolbar Remover is a nice freeware portable utility which can uninstall and remove multiple toolbars from your PC in one click. You can select the toolbars you want to delete or remove and hit the remove button.

Multi Toolbar remover

You can remove the following toolbars using the utility;

  • Google Toolbar and QuickSearchBox
  • Yahoo! Toolbar
  • AOL Toolbar;
  • AOL Radio Toolbar;
  • AOL News Toolbar;
  • AOL Email Toolbar;
  • AOL TalkTalk Toolbar
  • Comcast Toolbar;
  • ASK Toolbar

If you have only Ask toolbar installed, you can remove it using the Ask Toolbar remover freeware.

Download Multi Toolbar Remover

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