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Tweak Google Reader with Minimalist for Google Reader [Chrome Extension]

We had covered an extension for Google Calendar which could tweak the look and style of Calendar interface when using in Google Chrome. From the same developer we have another useful extension, Minimalist for Google Reader, which as the name indicates, tweaks the interface of Google Reader.  It is a personalized solution for those who want to give Google reader a fresh look. You can disable or enable almost all links and functions in reader also change the themes.

Minimalist for Google Reader

Once installed, you can access these features from the extension settings. When changing any settings, you can preview what feature you are trying you modify by hovering on the feature. It can individually hide almost 50 interface elements and add custom logos.

Themed Google Reader

The extension  is currently in beta, but it works perfectly. Once you have made any changes, refresh Google reader to see it in action. Minimalist of Google Reader is a must have extension for all Google reader users.

Download Minimalist for Google Chrome

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