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Enhance your Mouse Gestures with Just Gestures

Mouse Gestures are a nice way to execute tasks based on some patterns. Just Gestures is a simple freeware app which allows you to create mouse gestures. The main idea behind the app is to get maximum efficiency of mouse and to use keyboard as less as possible. The program allows you to create mouse gestures with user-defined actions by combining mouse movements and clicks. Just Gestures will recognize gestures you perform and invoke the appropriate actions.

Just Gestures

Mouse gestures are usually performed by holding down the right mouse button and moving mouse according to some curve. When the right button is released specific action is executed. You can perform lots of actions on your PC using these mouse gestures. You can use the right click, double click or mouse wheel options to create gestures. Here is a video of gestures in action.

You can use mouse gestures for variety of tasks, opening or closing apps, executing a task etc.

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  1. ohw, new release app,
    i want win+tab to mouse Gestures can this app do?

  2. thank you. i done this.
    In task switch replace alt key up/down to winkey up/down

  3. How is this different or better as compared to StrokeIt?

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