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Get Multiple Desktops with Moo0 MultiDesktop


Get Multiple Desktops with Moo0 MultiDesktop

If you want to enjoy multiple desktops on Windows in the simplest and easiest way, then you can try Moo0 MultiDesktop. It can bring in 4 different desktops on your Windows which are easily switchable. You can easily activate the desktops using the keyboard shortcut or you can also do it manually using the bar available on the desktop.

Desktop Switcher

This desktop switcher allows you to switch desktops easily. The application sits in the system tray and you can even skin the switcher easily from the tray.


Moo0 MultiDesktop is the simplest and easiest way to have multiple desktops on your Windows and it supports Windows 7 as well. But when we tested on Windows 7, aero theme was not working on desktops 2,3 and 4.

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