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Tabs Preview Extension for Google Chrome


Tabs Preview Extension for Google Chrome

If you have opened too many tabs in Google Chrome, then it becomes difficult to manage and also to navigate from one tab to another. Tabs Preview is an useful extension for Google Chrome with provides you with a thumbnail preview of all the open tabs and you can quickly navigate to the selected tab. Each time you open tabs preview, it refreshes the thumbnails, so that you are updated with the latest screenshot of the tabs.

tabs preview

There are different preview modes available and you can navigate between the preview windows using the arrow keys. There is also an option to search previews using keywords.


  • Preview modes: stack, grid and row.
  • Search by keywords
  • Groups of sites
  • Customization of colors
  • Movement with arrows and mouse wheel
  • Manage your tabs
  • Tabs preview

Tabs preview is an useful extension for people using lots of tabs in Google chrome.

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