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QuickSYS Informer provides System Resources Information


QuickSYS Informer provides System Resources Information

QuickSYS Informer is a handy freeware utility that shows information about your system and also enables you to immediately see the status of your local system resources. The application shows real time usage of your local resources. The utility allows you to have a quick look at your system usage may reveal that your system is running low on memory (physical or virtual). A full hard disk can be another cause of a slow PC. On another note, high network adapter usage can explain why you cannot connect to certain sites that you normally can access.

QuickSys Informer

QuickSYS Informer tracks the following:

  • CPU usage;
  • Hard disk usage;
  • Memory usage;
  • Network adapter use; and
  • Battery life (for notebooks)
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QuickSYS Informer Features;

  • Tracks up to two hard disk drives
  • Tracks up to two network adapters
  • Adjustable refresh rate (i.e., the rate at which QSI shows changes in system resource use)
  • Professionally designed, easy-to-use interface
  • 1-click, quick system information status

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