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[b2] Gmail Notifier Provides Animated Notifications


[b2] Gmail Notifier Provides Animated Notifications

Previously we have covered many Gmail notifiers, including the ones for Windows 7, but [b2] Gmail notifier is quite unique in its way of showing new mails. [b2] Gmail notifier is a free Adobe AIR based Gmail notifier for Windows, Linux and Mac that alerts you of new emails through cool animations. There are quite a few animations available, so that you can change them whenever you need. Once installed, you just need to enter the Gmail username and password and it shows notifications sitting in the system tray.

Gmail notifier

New Mail

Shown above are some of the animations available. You can also download 2 more animations from the website apart from the 4 already available with the application. The animations can be configured using the options menu. Each of the animations have sounds added to it. You can watch this cool video on how it works before installing it.

You can download more animations here. This tool also works with Google Apps account. Do not forget to install Adobe Air in your PC before installing this tool.

Download [b2] Gmail Notifier [Thanks to Instant Fundas for this tool]

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