We have discussed some of new features in Office 2010 including a review of Outlook 2010 which has gone for a complete change with ribbon feature. Many of the features have changed the way it is being accessed in Outlook 2010. In Outlook you have the option to recall or resent a mail which you have already sent. The option to resent or recall a message has been changed with Outlook 2010. In case you accidently sent a mail or you want to resent the mails, follow the steps below.


Go to the sent items folder and open the mail which you want to recall or resend. Click on the office icon on the top of the mail and in the settings you can see the option to recall or resend the mail.

Recall or resend mail

When you select Recall This Message, a pop up opens up asking you more options on recalling the message.

recall options

If you want to Resend the mail, a new mail window opens up with the content and you can resend it.