When Internet Explorer 8 was released, it came with lots of new features like Accelerators and Web slices. Accelerators, Web Slices and Add-ons together make the web browsing experience to greater heights on IE8. There are few accelerators installed by default on IE8. There are many more add-ons, accelerators and web slices which you can try on IE8 in various categories. Here we have selected the best useful accelerates and add-ons worth trying on IE8.


1. CloudBerry TweetIE- A handy IE8 add-on for all Twitter users. CloudBerry Twitter plug-in for IE helps you to post excerpts from the websites you visit with a click of the button and attach a short URL to the source page.

2. Shareaholic Tool- Shareaholic lets you quickly Email, share, and bookmark web pages via your favorite web 2.0 social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and email services. It supports Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Google Gmail, StumbleUpon and many more.

3. Tiny URL Accelerator- This accelerator will take long URLs in text or hyperlinks and shrink them to smaller links, safe for emailing, posting in instant message windows, or just taking up less space.

4. Define with Wikipedia- This accelerator allows you to highlight any text and then search in Wikipedia.

5. Send with Live Search Hotmail- You can send a webpage, link or text via Live Search Hotmail instantly using this Accelerator.

6. Gmail- The Gmail accelerators allows you to send mail using the content selected, a useful accelerator if you are using Gmail.

7. Currency Converter- If you are dealing with international currencies, you can get it converted to you local currency. The currency rates are automatically updated using a web service.

8. Map on LiveMaps- You can easily map any address or location inside your browser with the Live Search Maps Accelerator.

9. Find on Last.fm- If you are a music lover, you can search and listen to songs quickly using this accelerator.

10. Cooliris for Internet Explorer- You can browse images from Google Image Search, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and many more websites in a 3D wall.

11. Search YouTube-  Search your videos on Youtube by highlighting text in the webpage.

12. Search Images with Live Search- Quickly search images using Live Search.

13. StumbleUpon- StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more.

14. Share on Facebook- This accelerator allows you to share a webpage, link or selected item on Facebook.

15. Windows Live Messenger Accelerator- This accelerator allows you to share with your friends using the Windows Live Messenger library in partnership with Internet Explorer 8 accelerators.

16. Find on eBay- A very useful accelerator if you want to search and preview eBay items from any Web site without leaving the page you’re on.

17. PDF Download for Internet Explorer- The browser extension removes the pain often experienced when encountering PDF files online, and now lets you quickly convert your Web pages into high-quality PDFs that are ideal for archiving, printing and sharing.

18. YouTube Downloader- This add-on allows you to download videos from YouTube and many others and convert them to other video formats.

19. Live Search Translator- Live Translator is a free online language translation service for text and web pages and you can easily translate any text on any page with this Accelerator.

20. Login using BugMeNot- Bypass compulsory registration on websites using BugMeNot add-on for IE8.

21. Xmarks- Xmarks, formerly Foxmarks, is a  free extension for IE that synchronizes and backs up your favorites / bookmarks across multiple computers and more.

Hope you liked the list of add-ons and accelerators for IE8. If you have any more favorite add-ons, please share it in comments.