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Free FTP for Windows- Wimpy FTP


Free FTP for Windows- Wimpy FTP

Wimpy FTP is a free application designed to be a small, easy to use FTP client for Windows. The application does not require any installation and directly works from the .exe file. Wimpy FTP supports drag and drop of files and is mainly intended for uploading of files. You can create multiple account with Wimpy FTP and then select which account you want to upload files.


In the account information, you need to specify the details of your FTP account and also the start up folder when connected. You can also create folders on your account using the application.

Wimpy FTP is mainly for uploading of files. Drag and drop of folders might throw errors as it supports only file uploading. While uploading it shows the upload progress bar as well as the files yet to be uploaded to the server.

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The interface of Wimpy FTP is very simple and easy to use. Wimpy FTP comes in 2 variants, one is standard Windows and second is the prefilled version. This “Prefilled” version is intended for web hosting companies and developers who would like to give folks FTP access without all the hassles of telling them how to set up an FTP program.

With the prefilled version, you can only connect to the account specified in the config file. Wimpy FTP is a very simple and easy to use FTP program for Windows.

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