Microsoft Outlook is undoubted the one of the most powerful desktop email client, but you cannot have multiple copies of Outlook running at the same time connected to two different servers. What we mean is not multiple profiles, but two separate instances running concurrently, each with their own associated profile. This can be achieved using Extra Outlook, a freeware which allows you to run multiple versions of Outlook each connected to two different servers.

Extra Outlook

Under normal case whenever you launch another instance of Outlook.exe, it first checks if there is an existing Outlook.exe running and this is the reason why multiple instances are not possible. This tool actually modifies the Outlook executable and causes Outlook to not check to see if another Outlook is running.

To use this application, you will need to create multiple profiles in Outlook. Install Extra Outlook and then from command line you can call another instance of Outlook using the command – extraoutlook.exe “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\outlook.exe” assuming that Outlook.exe is installed in the given location. This will prompt you to select the Outlook profile you want to load.

With this application you can have one instance of Outlook connecting to your business mail and another one using your personal mail.

Important: This application modifies the Outlook files, so if you are not comfortable with that, please do not install it. Moreover if you have install plugins like Xobni, it might have issues loading, so use it at your own risk.

This application works with Outlook 2003/2007

Download Extra Outlook