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Cleano Cleans your Temporary Files on Login


Cleano Cleans your Temporary Files on Login

Cleano is a freeware application which will delete all the temporary data on login. Users can select which all temporary files needs to be cleaned. The interface is very simple and all you need is to check the items which are tobe cleaned. You can either clean these files with the click of the button or clean them each time you login to your PC. Cleano is a handy utility to clean all temporary files.


Cleano cleans the following temporary files;

  • Clean User’s Temp.
  • Clean User’s Recent Items.
  • Clean User’s Internet Explorer.
  • Clean User’s Desktop Run History.
  • Clean Windows Pre fetch files.
  • Clean Windows temp.
  • Clean User’s Custom folders
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  2. Sotam Resiak

    March 11, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    I must analize the functioning of this (Cleano) program before making a judgement

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