Microsoft Office Excel has a good feature of importing tables from HTML pages, so in case you found some interesting data in the form of a table in any webpage, you can easily import the data into Excel sheet. For this feature, you do not even need to save the web page to your PC.

1. Open Excel sheet and select the Data Tab in the ribbon. Inside the data tab, click on the button “From Web” in the Get External Data section.

Data tab in Excel

2. This will open up a browser window where you can enter the URL or the webpage which you want to import. Once the page is loaded, you can select the table using the arrow button on the top left corner. Once you have selected table, click Import button below.


3. Excel confirms whether you want to put the data in the current sheet or in a new sheet.

confirm import

4. The data will be imported to Excel using the same formatting of the tables in the webpage.