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Download Twitter Toolbar for Firefox

Best Web Image has released a Firefox toolbar for Twitter which has the quick links to Twitter pages. This toolbar works for Firefox 1.5 to 3. This toolbar gives you quick access to Twitter home page, Replies, settings, Twitter Search, Twitter server updates and Twitter counter page.


This toolbar also gives provision to add new status message. You can add you latest status updates in the box and click the button “What are you doing right now”. This does not update the your status, but opens the Twitter home and fills this message in the box.

Twitter Toolbar options

Features of this Toolbar;

  • The toolbar has quick links to common functions, and this website
  • It has a small drop down of common Twitter updates one might use for a quick entry
  • A place to enter your Twitter updates right from your toolbar
  • Light, and easy to use

Download Twitter Toolbar for Firefox

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  1. This seems much better than TwitterFox for making quick updates.

  2. In very few days, I am going to be more active on twitter… Let me choose which one should be used….

  3. Looks like a nice toolbar for Firefox, but I would prefer to keep using Tweetdeck, since its much more convenient

  4. I just finished version 1.05. http://www.bestwebimage.com/?page_id=1112

    Since 1.03 you can now:
    -Added “Viewing this website:” in drop down. Comment includes link
    -Updates now post data to Twitter without having to hit the Update button on site.
    -Fixed to prevent blank entry
    -Made it so entry box is cleared after entry

    Thanks for the review by the way!!! Starting to get lots of downloads already.

  5. Nice toolbar but somehow I have an aversion towards toolbars :). Happy with twitterfox and Twhirl.

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