If you have got accustomed with the new ribbon features of Office 2007, then you might be interested in getting this feature while editing text files in Notepad. Microsoft has already mentioned that Window 7 will have ribbon features in Paint and Wordpad. Notepad 2008 is a freeware application which gives ribbon like UI for notepad. Here is how notepad looks like with ribbon UI.


This freeware gives notepad good UI and it also has different styles/themes to select from. It also gives tabbed text editing and gives more features to Notepad. Notepad 2008 require Microsoft .Net framework 3.5. Since no installation is required, the application is portable and can be run from any computer.

Notepad 2008 is an application worth trying especially if you use Windows notepad regularly. Notepad 2008 s developed in C#.Net and VB.Net.

Download Notepad 2008 [Via AskVG]