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Remove WGA Notification with RemoveWGA

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is a Microsoft notification tool to check whether the copy of OS running is genuine and not a pirated one. Once the WGA Notification tool has checked your OS and has confirmed you had a legit copy, there is no decent point or reason to check it again and again every boot. RemoveWGA is a simple tool to remove the WGA notification.

Features of RemoveWGA;

  • Tell you if the WGA notification tool is active on your system
  • Allows you to remove the WGA notification tool from your system

NB: Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is different than Windows Genuine Advantage Validation. RemoveWGA only removes the notification part, phoning home, and does not touch the Validation part.

RemoveWGA Home Page

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  1. Does it make the +OS faster during the reboot?

  2. I don’t think so, but it works?

  3. Why my virus detection program detect it as a virus?
    It is truth? any expert on this?

  4. Dont know Lee. Hehee..
    Maybe it works like a virus? Modify protected item, and antivirus unable to identify that RemoveWGA.
    Its my own theory, maybe its true, maybe not.

  5. WGARemover tool

  6. pl send me above tools

  7. The most easier steps to remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Installation Wizard permanently within 1 minutes!


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