3 Best File Managers for Mac OS – Finder Alternatives

For Mac OS users, the default file manager included with the OS is the Finder application. It is a robust and feature rich file manager for Mac. But if you want to try something different like syncing with cloud storage or two panel file managers to have better control of your online files, there are few good free file managers available for Mac. Here is the list of best file managers for Mac OS or Finder alternatives.

Best File Managers for Mac OS

1. Commander One File Manager:

Commander One is one of the best and highly feature rich file manager for Mac. Commander One offers a great variety of tools for all types of operations from basic to most advanced. It is a sleek, comprehensive, powerful tool that you will appreciate. Commander One has dual panel which helps in managing files easily on your Mac. It has a tabbed interface with built in file viewer, so you are pretty much covered on all the aspects of file manager. You also get the option of hotkeys to manage your files.

Download Commander One

Best File Managers for Mac OS

2. ForkLift:

ForkLift is a robust and elegant Finder replacement and FTP + SFTP + WebDAV + Amazon s3 client, fully embracing the Apple methodology. You get features like Batch Rename, App Deleter, Archive creation & management, powerful Folder Sync, and the ability to Split and Combine large files are all at your fingertips with this app. It is dual pane tabbed file manager for Mac.

Download ForkLift

Best File Managers for Mac OS

3. Path Finder 10:

Path Finder is another good alternative, the app is not completely free, but you can try for around 60 days before buying it. It comes with Air drop integration, folder sync, dropbox integration, browse iPhone and more. It also comes with dual pane window to manage your files easily.

Download Path Finder 10

So these are the best file managers for Mac or alternatives to Finder app on Mac OS X.

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