How to Audit Windows 10 Services

When you boot Windows 10, there are lots of services running in the background. While there is a service manager in Windows, you never know which services are messing up the PC. This is where the free app called Windows Service Auditor comes handy. It is freeware tool for performing advanced auditing and probing of Windows Event Logs, checking for in-depth investigation of critical services. Windows Service Auditor has a clean interface to manage and audit Windows 10 services.

Audit Windows 10 Services

The app does not require any installation as it is portable. You can directly run the exe file with admin control. The main interface that comes up is divided into two parts. The upper pane lists every service installed on your computer while the lower panel shows the events associated with the service selected in the upper pane.

Majority of the service events that run in Windows will not show the account that performed the operation. That is because Windows does not keep track of user information by default. For this, you need to enable auditing. You can select Enable Auditing from the Service menu and this will keep track of it.

Audit Windows 10 Services

With the audit policy in place, Windows will capture detailed audit events whenever anyone tries to start, stop or update your service. With the Windows Service Auditor app, you can get answers to questions like,

  • Who stopped my Windows Service?
  • When was my service started?
  • Who deleted my service?
  • At what time did my service start?
  • Did my service encounter any errors after it was started?

The interface of the app is clean and clutter free and easy to find the information you need with the two panel interface. Windows Service Auditor is a handy tool to keep an eye on the services running on your Windows 10 PC.

Download Windows Service Auditor

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