Speed up Boot Time of Windows with Startup Patrol

Do you feel that your Windows PC is taking too much time to boot? If yes, there are many reasons why your PC might slow down while booting and one of them are the apps you have installed on your PC. When you install an app on Windows, there are chances that it might be added to the startup list on your PC. This means each time you boot the PC, these apps are started irrespective of whether you use them.

So, over a period of time, your PC might slow down in booting as it has to start all the entries in the startup list. To speed up booting, you need to disable entries in the startup list. Startup Patrol is a free tool which helps you to view and manage a list of startup programs. You can choose only important programs and not the ones which are making your computer slow.

Speed up Boot Time

The app is available in a portable version and once you run the app, it shows the list of all the startup entries available on your PC. You can right-click on any task and disable the item from startup. If you feel that the entry is not needed, you can also delete it from the registry.

Startup Patrol gives you the ability to create new items that will start with the Windows. If you’re installing new programs, this tool will monitor these new startup registries and a notification will pop up to inform you about this new activity.

Once you have disabled the items, you PC will now boot faster as it has to load an only lesser number of apps. If you feel your PC is taking up too much time to load, then this is a simple and free app to make it faster in booting. You can download the app from the link below.

Download Startup Patrol

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