How to Send an Email (Incognito) without Knowing Who you are

Email is one of the most commonly used medium to send information. But have you ever wondered if you want to send an anonymous email to someone without knowing who has sent the email? Well, there are many use cases for such a situation, for example if you want to report some unwanted happenings in your office without telling who you are.

In such cases an incognito email would be the best way. BlankStamp is a new web service which can send incognito emails back and forth, without exposing your email address or the other side knowing who you are.

So how to use this service? Say if you want to send an anonymous email to, then you need to send the actual email to The @ in the email address is replaced with _at007_ and this acts as the identifier.

We tried using the service and it delivered the email in few minutes time and it was completely anonymous. We even replied to the email and it was delivered to the ID which initially send it.

The company says there do no log any of your emails and it is not tracked as well. Features:

  • Reply to incognito emails, as incognito of course.
  • But you can’t add files. yet.
  • Free accounts are currently limited to 5 incognito conversations per week

You can create upto 5 conversations per week using the free account. is indeed an useful service to send an anonymous email without being tracked.

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