How to Disable the Start Button in Windows 8.1

One of the main changes to Windows 8.1 built is that the start button from older Windows version is back. Initially when Microsoft released Windows 8, they removed the start button and it came with only Start screen. But this had a big impact on the users as many were not happy with the removal of start button. So based on the user feedback, Microsoft has once again added the start button back to Windows 8.1

But there are many other users who wanted to have the Windows 8 without the start button, but now there is no option to remove it for people who do not want it. Fortunately we have the freeware and portable app, StartIsGone. StartIsGone allows you to remove the Start Button in Windows 8.1 and get the extra space on the taskbar.


There is no interface for the app, but it is just icon in your tray with few options in the context menu. Tick “Run at startup” and your start button will be removed every time your Desktop shows.

Start Buttom removed

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Here is a quick video of the app in action.

StartIsGone is available as a separate application for Windows 8.1 x86 and Windows 8.1 x64, so make sure you run the correct version based on your Windows version.

Download StartIsGone

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  1. I am more interested in how to disable metro interface completely in win 8.

    1. As of now there is no option, but wait until the final release, we might have some developer creating such an app.

  2. Hiiiii Nirmal sir,

    thanks for sharing about – How to Disable the Start Button in Windows 8.1. i am surprise to see that you have exactly mentioned here whatever i was looking for. this post and its video tutorial is very helpful for me. thanks again sir…..!!

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