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How to Take Screenshot on Windows 8 Tablets/ Surface

Windows 8 has quite a lot of new features including the start screen and the new Windows store. Moreover, with the release of Windows 8, we are seeing so many new tablets running Windows. Generally when you want to capture screenshots on Windows, you press the Print Screen button and paste the image in any image editor apps. But with Windows 8, there has been a new feature where you can capture screenshots using the Windows key (Win) and Print Screen. You can see the screen becoming semi transparent for a second. The screenshots are saved automatically, more details here.

Now, this process is useful if you have a keyboard connected. So how do you take screenshots in tablets running Windows 8/ RT?


The process is very similar to Windows Phone.

  1. Press and hold Windows button and Volume down buttons at the same time.
  2. You will see screen gets dimmed and screenshot is taken.
  3. Screenshot is saved under Screenshots folder in the Photos app. You can access the screenshot by opening Photos App.

You can use the file explorer to view the screenshots saved in Photos folder.

More tips on Windows 8 available here.

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