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iPhone 5 vs HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4- Specs Comparison

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iPhone 5 vs HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4- Specs Comparison

Samsung has announced next generation flagship phone in the Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy S4 with high end specs. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with high end process which features 8 cores (depending on region) and also a 5 inch Super AMOLED full HD display. Galaxy S4 also features a 13MP camera with dual camera mode included where you can use both the front and rear camera together. There are some new apps included in Galaxy S4 like the S translate, S voice, S voice enabled Drive etc.

HTC had also announced their flagship phone HTC One back in February, just before the MWC 2013. It also features high end specs and one of the best feature is the ultra pixel camera. Although on paper, it comes with only a 4MP camera, it is capable of stunning low light shots.

So how does the new Galaxy S4 stack against the current competition of iPhone 5 and HTC One. We will have a quick run through of the specifications.


When it comes to design and build, it is either iPhone 5 or the HTC One. While iPhone 5 has superior build quality, HTC One is also good. Samsung’s S4 comes with a similar design of SGS3 which is quite a bit old now. Moreover, Samsung extensively uses plastics which makes the phone look inferior when compared to competition.

When it comes to display, almost all the phones feature awesome quality. Samsung has the biggest screen in the form of 5 inch, but not all users would like to have a huge display. Personally we feel that HTC has the right display size. When it comes to display quality, HTC One has the highest resolution or PPI, beating even the S4. But the real thing is that you hardly notice this when viewed.

Coming to the processor, S4 excels with 8 core processor (region specific), while HTC One has quad core processor. Although HTC One and S4 has better processors than iPhone 5, we cannot say Apple’s processor is inferior to competition. After all, it is not only the processor that matters, the software which runs on it should be able to make the effective use of the cores.

All the three phones support 4G LTE, so Internet speeds should be more or less good in all the devices. Now coming to one of the most important aspect, the camera. S4 has 13 MP camera which beats other in mega pixel count, but as we all know higher mega pixels does not mean higher quality photos. iPhone 5 camera is pretty good and one of the popular ones. HTC One has a new ultra pixel camera which excels in low light. As of now we are not sure on how the S4 camera performs, but Samsung has added some apps like dual camera support etc in the S4 camera.

With Galaxy S4, Samsung has also added some additional sensors in the form of Thermostat, Humidistat, Infrared.

Finally coming to biggest factor for smartphones, the battery. Galaxy S4 has the biggest battery of the lot with 2600mAH and as per Samsung this should last for more than a day. We need to wait for the actual results to confirm this. While HTC One and iPhone 5 has non-removable battery. S4 features removable along with wireless charging.

Here is a quick comparison of specifications of the three phones.

iPhone 5 vs HTC One Vs Samsung S4

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1 Comment

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