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Remove Ads from for $19.95 USD a Year


Remove Ads from for $19.95 USD a Year

Microsoft rolled out back in August 2012 with a modern UI and good features. After six months the service has over 60 million users and it is now out of beta. Microsoft has already mentioned that all Hotmail users will be eventually rolled to new service. We had covered on how . just like Hotmail displays graphical ads and also similar service like Gmail and Yahoo also features ads.

But now Microsoft is offering and Hotmail with an ad free option. This option costs you $19.95 USD a year.

Ad free outlook

What you get
  1. No account expiration: You don’t need to log in to keep your account active as long as your Ad-free Outlook and Hotmail subscription is current.
  2. No graphical ads: No graphical ads in Outlook or Hotmail—all you see is your email, photos, and documents.

As of now Gmail is not offering any such options to remove ads. What do you think of this option? Worth it if you are an Outlook user?

More details here.

[via Caschys]

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tregonsee

    February 21, 2013 at 12:55 am

    Outlook ads? Never noticed any. There is an app for that. Several actually. Just pick the ad blocker for the browser of you choice.

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