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Microsoft has rolled out a new version of Skype for Windows and Mac users which brings in integration with Outlook. Skype 6.1 for Windows, now comes with Outlook integration and a visual update to the toolbar.This is pretty useful for people who reply on Microsoft Outlook for their emails and contacts. You can now easily contact a person from Outlook to Skype. Now it’s really convenient to send a Skype instant message, start a free Skype to Skype call, or make a call to any mobile or landline – all within Outlook.

skype with Outlook

You can now view the contacts’ online status, contact information and mood message within the Outlook contact card with the integrated Skype and Outlook. You can call mobile, landlines or voice mail.

Call number

When you want to call someone on their mobile or landline from Outlook, Skype will initiate the call for you. You can call anyone as long as you have their contact information in Outlook, but you don’t need to be friends on Skype. You can use your existing Skype credit or subscription to reach them. You can instant message, audio or video call with anyone who is already in your Skype contacts list from Outlook.

This feature works with Outlook 2010 or higher and enables you to connect over Skype when email details match. More details here.

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  1. Waiting for Skype feature on, So we can video call with their contacts straight from the, Unfortunately, feature isn’t available yet.

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