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The Best YouTube App for Windows 8- PrimeTube

Although Google has not released its official YouTube app for Windows 8, there are quite a lot of apps for YouTube in the Windows Store. We had covered the YouTube Player app for Windows 8 on this blog. PrimeTube is a new freeware app for YouTube on Windows 8 and has one of the most elegant way to access YouTube from your Windows 8 tablet, desktop, and laptop. This app is brought to you by the developers of the acclaimed Windows Phone PrimeTube app.

Uniquely designed with faster navigation and loading as the primary focus, the app provides you an immersive experience to search, watch and manage YouTube videos.

Prime Tube

The app has a pretty good UI, you can search for videos, view from your favorites, playlists and also from your uploaded videos. You can sign in with your Google account and watch videos. The app also supports snapping, so that you can work with other tasks when you watch videos.

Watch videos


  • Search and watch YouTube videos. Manage subscriptions, favorites, playlists and watch later videos
  • In-App enhanced video player – LQ, HQ and HD video support
  • Added Keyboard features – Type anywhere in the app to search for videos and playlists
  • Live Tile + Support for secondary tile pinning
  • Play To enabled – Share videos not only with your social network but also with your favorites devices using the Play To Devicess
  • Push Notification for latest subscription videos
  • Data usage limit monitoring
  • Landscape, portrait and snapped mode support

Similar to their Windows Phone app, PrimeTube is pretty good on Windows 8 as well.

Download PrimeTube

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