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You might be emailing links and other web pages, but you seldom know if these links were actually viewed by the email recipient. WasItViewed is a simple and free web apps which allows you to easily track visits to a link. The service provides a track able URL which can be emailed and every time the link is opened, you get an email. WasItViewed can be used in many different ways, and it’s great for its simplicity. It can be used as a very powerful marketing tool without having to pay anything.


To use the service, you need to enter the URL, your email address and any additional notes. You can exclude your IP from the service so that any clicks from your computer will not be tracked. You can also shorten the URLs.

If you place a trackable url in your email (preferably in a hyperlink or image), you’ll be notified when the link is requested. This way you can tell if your email was read. You’ll be automatically notified when the link is clicked by an email from the service. This email will also include the notes you chose when generating the link, as well as information about the viewer.

WasitViewed is a pretty good solution to track visits to links easily without any payment. The best part of the service is that you do not have to create an account as well, you can start using it right away. An clicks on your link will be email to you.

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