Transfer Files and Applications between iPad, iPhone, iPod and PC

When it comes to syncing files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, the most common way is to install iTunes. But iTunes itself is not the best designed software making it huge on memory usage. SynciOS is a freeware app for Windows which allows you to manage your Apple devices from Windows easily with a clean and easy to use interface. You can install local apps on your devices, transfer songs, photos and also podcasts. It is a very useful tool that will enable you to quickly move your files to and from your iOS device and manage them easily. The application works with iPads, iPods and iPhones.


When you open the application, it checks for all the connected devices and gives you detailed information about your device which includes serial number, space used, app installed, number of photos, audio and video files, eBooks etc.

As an iOS manager which is specially designed for iPod/iPhone/iPad users, Syncios support install application (*.ipa) from your local PC to iPod/iPhone/iPad. You can also backup your Apps to your local PC or uninstall the application directly from iPod/iPhone/iPad with this powerful Syncios software.

Installed applications

You can also add multimedia files including movies and songs directly from the app using the Add local files button. You can export camera roll from iPod/iPhone/iPad to your local computer. You can also create a new album which enables you to delete or to export images, videos, transfer local images between iPod/iPhone/iPad and PC.

Sync iOS

Apart from this SynciOS also allows you to connect multiple devices which means you can transfer files between them. It supports all types of iPod/iPhone/iPad devices, and enables you switch freely between those multiple devices. You can also check all the information about your device such as name, version, SN and etc. in Device information panel. Besides, Syncios also features the functions as accessing iOS file system.

Overall, SynciOS is a very handy and must have tool for all Apple iOS users.

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