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Limit Automatic Login for Windows

Windows has an option where in you can set automatic logon, which means every time you boot the PC, you don’t have to specify the password. Although this is not a secure method, it is handy if you are using the PC at home. We have covered how to auto logon in Windows 7 as well as in Windows 8. But the auto logon feature once enabled will be available for infinite time as there is no rule imposed on the number of logons. Windows Auto Logon is a portable and freeware tool which can set the limit for automatic logon in Windows.

Auto logon

Once you run the tool, you can enable the automatic logon and then enforce the limit. For example if you set a 5 reboots, then on 6th reboot, it asks the username and password for login. There is a value named “AutoLogonCount” in Windows registry and it specifies the number of reboots windows should listen to the AutoLogon registry settings.

This app will modify the settings and enable the limit. If you are good with editing registry, you can even do it manually. If you want to set the auto logon for currently logged in account, leave the username and password section blank.

Download Windows Auto Logon

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