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Often we capture the best moments in our life with photos or videos. But the still photography is a limited format for capturing a moment in time. Video is the traditional method for recording durations of time, but does not focuses on the main event. For example a birthday function has the main event of cake cutting, but neither a photograph or a video really focuses on this activity. Microsoft has released a new freeware tool Cliplets, which helps you to interactive app that uses semi-automated methods to give users the power to create “Cliplets” — a type of imagery that sits between stills and video from handheld videos.


For creating a cliplet, you need to have a video and then you can select the areas in the video where you want to focus and make it as important.

If you are able to find how to use the tool, Microsoft has provided with a number of video tutorials that assist the Cliplets users into creating what are basically animated pictures.

The tool provides a creative lens one can use to focus on important aspects of a moment by performing spatiotemporal compositing and editing on a video-clip input.

You can see some examples of Cliplets created by visiting this page.

Download Cliplets

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