Automatically Upload Camera Photos on Android to Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing service with some unique features and they have an app for most of the mobile platforms as well. Dropbox has now updated its Android app with new features which enables automatic uploading of camera photos to Dropbox as and when they are taken. This means, your camera photos are always backed up to Dropbox automatically with this feature. This feature can also be disabled if not required.

Camera Upload new Upload Options

Camera Upload Settings Dropbox

Dropbox mobile apps can automatically upload your photos and videos to Dropbox using Wi-Fi or your data plan. They’re all uploaded at original size and full quality, and saved to a private folder in your Dropbox called Camera Uploads. This feature is coming soon to iOS as well.

To help you get started saving your photos, Dropbox is giving you 500 MB of space for your first automatic upload. As you take more photos and videos, you can use this feature to automatically upload up to a total of 3 GB extra for free.

More details available here.

You can download the Android app from here.

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  1. One more plus point for dropbox and android. I liked both of them

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